Hwy 84/285 #19421 Hernandez, NM 87537 


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About Us:


In 1981, the Moores relocated from Massachusetts to New Mexico bringing with them their vast experience in their self employed enterprises, namely excavating, sand and gravel operations, and logging.  They also brought a running fleet of self-loading log trucks, bulldozer, pickups and numerous other related equipment. 


A parcel of land was purchased in Hernandez, NM on which it was decided to erect a sawmill.  Logging their own logs for the mill was also a unanimous decision.  The operation was named W.H. Moore Cash Lumber and business commenced.  A sawmill was erected and that was the start of a thriving operation.  Soon, logging was being carried out on private land, Forest Service lands and on Indian Reservations. 


In 2009 we added another product line, vigas.  We custom built a viga peeler, that produces a very smooth peel. We market these both wholesale and retail. We are able to sell direct to the public at very competitive prices. In order to leap over the learning curve to manufacture vigas, we acquired two highly skilled key former employees from the now closed down Adobe Building Supply in Albuquerque. Dan Thompson and Baudelio Lopez brought with them many years of experience, allowing us the ability to produce a high quality product.


Our logging is done these days primarily on the Jicarilla Indian Reservation. The work is managed by the BIA. All logging is done sustainable with all adherences to environmental regulations. Our company crew ran by Manuel Valdez, works smoothly to both produce logs and with respect to the forest. Both Manual and Ted Chacon work as a team, they have many years of experience.


New in 2011, we’ve added a new product line. A firewood processor was purchased to help us better utilize all the logs that are hauled into the sawmill. The new machine produces cut and split firewood.

EMAIL. whmoore1@valornet.com